Event Insurance

The day is finally here, but are you as prepared as you think you are?

We now offer event insurance for your special day. Whether it’s a corporate event or a private affair, let us help you with your next event. Don’t put limits on your fun and let us worry about the potential of any damages or injuries at your next event.

Event insurance is a special insurance policy made just for a one-time occasion. The specifics of each policy is different, but many of them offer the same general liability coverage. Keep reading to learn more about how event insurance can cover you or your business during a special event. Have you purchased event insurance before? How was the experience? Are you thinking about event insurance, but you’re not sure what’s the next step? Contact the experts at the Hardenbergh Insurance Group. Hardenbergh offers several insurance policies, including special event insurance. What Is Event Insurance? When you sign up for an event insurance policy, you’re securing a special one-day insurance for a specific time, date and occasion. Basic event insurance covers you in the case of injuries to guests and damage to property. Some event venues require clients to provide this event liability insurance.

Along with the general liability coverage, event insurance policies can be custom drafted to cover almost any aspect of an event. Some additional things that event insurance can cover include:

  • Cancellation of the event due to weather, failure of vendors, etc.
  • Food and liquor liabilities
  • Slip and falls
  • Damage or harm to guests, employees, the event venue, etc.
  • Who Needs Event Insurance?

Insurance brokers need to offer event insurance to their clients. Any time a client is hosting a large gathering, a broker should advise them to purchase a special event insurance policy. For just a couple of bucks, a broker’s client can protect themselves and their assets during the event. Brokers and clients alike can obtain event insurance through most insurance companies. These policies are specially drafted for each event to give the client the exact coverage that they need. When Is Event Insurance Necessary? Take a look at five examples of what event insurance is used for. Because event insurance policies can be custom tailored to almost any occasion, this list is not exhaustive. If you have more questions about your event, or if you need event insurance, feel free to contact us.

1. Weddings

A wedding is a monumental event for everyone involved. You want it to be perfect and event insurance is a great way to cover the investment. Cover damages to the bride’s dress. Insure the value of the wedding rings. Hold your vendors accountable and make sure there’s no cancellations on your big day. Almost every aspect of your wedding can be insured!

2. Corporate

When a company hosts an event for its employees and other guests, it’s a good idea to get event insurance. It can shield the business’s assets during the event. Thank your employees and make sure you’re both protected during your next company event. Some of the corporate events you can get event insurance for include, but are not limited to: retirement parties, holiday parties, shareholder meetings, product launches, corporate private parties and more.

3. Food & Beverage

Any time you offer prepared food or serve alcohol, you’re opening yourself up to litigation. Make sure you cover yourself with event insurance. Some catering companies may provide their own coverage for their employees. If you’re serving alcohol at your event, additional coverage on your policy is a must. Liquor liability protects in the event that a guest had too many drinks and gets behind the wheel of a car. If your event won’t have alcohol, you can remove liquor liability from your coverage and lower your premium.

4. Non-Profits

If you’re raising funds for your non-profit, be sure your 501C3 and its assets are protected by event insurance. The last thing you want is for something to go wrong at your event - someone to get hurt or worse - and you lose all your funds in a lawsuit. Even if your non-profit’s daily operations are already insured, they might not provide coverage in the case of special events. Get special event insurance so your non-profit is protected against damages and unforeseen circumstances.

5. Private Parties

No matter the occasion, event insurance can protect you and your investment when you’re throwing a party. If you’re holding a large scale birthday party with lots of guests, you want to make sure everyone is protected in the case of a slip and fall. If you’re renting a venue, you don’t want to be on the hook in case of disastrous damages. In case of extreme weather, a vendor no-show, or any other unpredictable problem, event cancellation insurance can protect your investment.