Dental Insurance

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Dental Insurance

About Dental Insurance

With the high cost of dental work, the proper dental insurance plan can provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that common dental care issues, and even some major dental care, are covered or heavily subsidized.


Individuals/family members attached to existing medical insurance policies


Typical Dental Insurance Coverage

A dental insurance policy can cover regular checkups and bi-annual cleanings. However, pending your coverage there may be an out of pocket copay. This ultimately depends on your plan/coverage. In addition to this here is a list of additional coverage:

Most expenses related to cavity fillings

Annual X-rays


Root canals

And other necessary repair work (Pending severity of the claim)

Dental Work that is not typically covered

The following procedures may receive limited or no coverages.



Dental Implants

Medical Conditioned Dental Care

Tooth-Whitening Treatments

Tooth-colored fillings

Silver Fillings

To learn more about the importance of Dental Insurance, be sure to contact a broker to discuss which plan works for you.