​How To Make Your Car Last Longer

Car Maintenance

Purchasing a car is a significant financial investment, and you want to maintain it for as long as you can. Keep your car running after the 200,000 mile mark with proper care to improve the reliability and durability of your vehicle. Drivers are keeping their cars longer than ever, with the average car on the road being 11 years old, according to Polk research. The wear and tear your car receives from being on the road makes repairs and maintenance necessary to keep it working well.

Our client Barney is an owner of an auto shop that specializes in towing, car repair, and roadside assistance. He trusts Hardenbergh implicitly with his insurance needs and is now giving back by providing a few tips for car owners out there. These four tips can help you keep your car in great shape for as long as possible.

Scheduled Maintenance

You can trust your manufacturer to recommend a regular maintenance schedule to keep your car running its best. “Maintenance schedules are minimized compared to what they were years ago.Follow the maintenance schedule. Particularly oil changes, I would use the maintenance and the oil change schedule as the bare minimums. I’d get more oil changes than allotted.” Most checks and services are available at a low cost and are quick and easy to do.

Choosing The Right Facility

Whether you drive a sports car or a minivan, when you go in for repairs, you want the job done right. Shop for the right repair facility for your car, because not every auto shop is the same. Finding a shop that specializes in your car’s make and model will have the latest equipment to fix your vehicle. “Choose a repair facility that does routine comprehensive checks on your oil change, including testing the battery.” Ask friends for recommendations to make the process a little easier.

Build Relationships

Referrals to a great auto shop establishes immediate trust in the mechanic working on your car. “Establish a relationship with a qualified repair facility. They know you and the trust relationship gets established.” A great way to show your gratitude for a job well done is by being loyal to a good technician. If you find an auto shop that does a great job for a fair price, don’t shop around. They will often reward your loyalty by waiving minor fees or offer special incentives for loyal customers. 
Choosing The Right Oil

A clean engine is a happy engine. Two of the top reasons for cars breaking down is overheating and lack of lubrication. “Use name brand full synthetic Motor oil. Even though it costs more, it’s worth it.” Synthetic oil flows easier in cold weather, compared to non-synthetic. Oil changes also come less frequently when using synthetic. Your engine will last longer because of the protection against ash and deposits in engine hotspots. There is less chance of oil burnoff and damaging oil passageway clogging.

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