How To Maximize Sales

For retailers, the holiday season translates into a high volume of people shopping. This usually results into great sales and even better revenue. People naturally spend more money on gifts, food, and other items during this season, than any other season in a year. But what if you’re not a retail shop that has a store front? What if you’re a service based company like ours? Well, we wanted to take the time out of your busy holiday season and discuss how you can maximize your sales this holiday season:

Go Mobile

Yes, we understand this is an obvious trend, but go where the people are going! More and more shoppers these days are checking out stuff on their smart phones through various apps. So in order to get in front of these individuals, think mobile first. Do your best to post more on social media and begin emailing your users more through a weekly/monthly newsletter. Sending out promotional offers and messages to existing customers through mobile technology is an easy way to keep your customers in front of their mind.

Improve content

Since a huge chunk of shopping is conducted through websites and mobile apps, it is important that the product title, descriptions, dimensions and images are highly captivating on your website and social channels. In order to gain an edge over the competition, update the product/service details and the images that relate to the time of season. It’s an easy switch and makes your business more vibrant by keeping up with your technology. This will also help you with your SEO.

Focus on Image

Every product/service needs a nice description. It doesn’t have to be a Hemingway piece, but take your time and make it relevant. Do your best to find images that make the most sense. You can even find a long list of free stock image websites by clicking the link attached. So this holiday season, use images relevant to the holiday and your business. Stop using those cheesy stock images that everyone secretly judges.

Add a customer friendly feature on the sale

Give the shopper the added benefit of worry-free shipping or some other exclusive offer that is only available during the holiday season. Don’t be afraid to lose a few bucks this holiday season. It’s the end of the year and you need to prepare for new clients in 2017. 

Be unique

While updating the existing products/services or introducing new lines, make an impact, be aware of the current market trends. Be creative and let the imagination flow with the spirit of the season. Unique designs, color combinations along with basic good quality of materials add up to the probability of actually selling the product than just a sneak peek from customers. A good starting point on this approach could be listening to the customer feedbacks on the products on sale and improvise accordingly.

Tune in to social media

Do not neglect this very important channel of reaching out to a greater network of plausible customers. Create Facebook, Tweeter accounts and provide regular updates on the products. Place ads of relevant other products to improvise on cross-sales. At the same time be very careful about posting controversial messages accidentally. A small mistake could affect hugely on the brand’s reputation and cost severe loss of revenues even from the existing client base.

Don’t hold off going big on advertisements

To gain something, one has to spend somethings first. And Advertisements are the first introduction of a product/brand/business to its customers and beyond. So, plan ahead, create attractive and catchy ad campaigns and run them on all possible media channels like television, web site, social marketing, promotional emails and text messages etc. to get the attention of as many interested people as possible. The ROI for advertisement directly translates into revenue earned.

Create memorable experiences for your customers

Whether a customer visits your shop, buys online, or signs up for your service, if they get a memorable experience with assistance and guidance, they would be willing to recommend the business to their friends. It’s like free advertisement. So, no matter how long the day becomes during the hectic sale events, the shop employees must be trained to keep a bright and welcoming smile on and extend a respectful, compassionate helping hand to every customer who visits the shop.

Like everything else, a well developed plan needs preparation. So, gear up and implement the above strategies to see significant growth in terms of sales and revenue to end the year. Have a happy holiday season!

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