​Productivity Hacks for Small Business

Productivity Hacks for Small Business

Whether you work or own a small business, it comes with its own set of pros and cons. While it may be the practical outlet of one’s creativity, passion or just a stepping stone to meet financial goals, being part of a Small Business is no small task. Most of the time, the business’ welfare relies deeply on the owners capability and effectiveness. This puts a lot of stress on all parties throughout the company. Every effort should be made to ensure that all talents are performing to the best of their ability in order for the business to survive and flourish through thick and thin. Here are a few productivity hacks for your small business:

Limit chaos – stay organized

Let one’s work place be clatter free. Sort the piles of papers and files and remove all the unimportant stacks immediately. Clear up the inbox from all junk emails – cancel all irrelevant subscriptions and if required set up automatic replies to standard messages, based on prior experience and common sense. An organized desk saves one’s time and effort for finding that one piece of important paper from the mountain of junk. The practice of organization in everyday life helps one prioritize tasks effectively, and thus, also keeps a mind stress-free.

Break heavyweight tasks into smaller modules and set timelines accordingly

It’s always easier to reach small targets than completing a marathon. It gives one psychological reassurance over anxiety and also more focus to get the things done in time. Break down that mammoth of a task into multiple logical units and start working on them sequentially. The total thing would be handled with much more efficiency and much less headache on planning and procrastination.

Filter distractions from social media

Turn off the notification alerts from social media websites and apps. Choose and stick to a strict time-slot in the day to check out the updates, preferably outside the scheduled work-window. Utilize the time of daily commute to catch up on the stories, unless you are the designated driver, of course! Stay away from gossip’s negative energy.

Make the office space comfortable and fun

Adding a touch of one’s personality in an office space, making it as much sunny and airy as possible, using ergonomically correct posture and furniture and so on – think of and take up such small measures to make the office space more inviting, comfortable and efficient. The effort would be worth it.

Make time for workouts in everyday schedule – even if during office hours

Daily workouts give a boost of energy to one’s body and mind. Do not skip a day’s 30 minutes workout regime, unless physically unfit for the day. If there’s not enough time for a continuous half hour of streamlined exercises, piece it up all through the day. Take a brief stroll during the lunch hour, go for the stairs instead of the elevator, walk while talking over mobile/wireless phones, stand up from that plush seat and continue your work just as before. And the daily target is achieved.

Maintain a balanced but happy diet – preferably glucose rich in contents

Too busy for a proper breakfast? Afraid to bite on a juicy fruit for adding up to the “Excess” body-mass? Get rid of the excuses. In order to stay productive, one must have ample healthy food.  But at the same time, the diet shouldn’t make the person unhappy or depressed about it! Instead of snacking on junk foods and coffee to spike up the energy level, snack on a nice sweet fruit of one’s own choice. Switch the low-fat yogurt with a cup of ice cream once in a while. The extra glucose content in blood will help to keep one’s brain alert and focused on the job. It’s time to stop feeling guilty about one’s happiness and shed the burden of unnecessary anxiety over the notion of a so-called perfect figure. A happy tummy makes way for a happy mind. And a happy person would surely fare much better at everything than an average, stuck-with-poor-diet person, anywhere, any day!


Human body is not a machine, however much one wishes it to be. So, give it its required time to repair, recharge and replay every day. Have sound sleep of at least 6 hours daily to keep the brain energized, body well rested and mind more attentive than ever.

Maintain a Non-negotiable “ME” time – delegate and outsource

The best way to have some balance in work and life is to keep some time only for one’s self, every day, any day. Running a small business or being part of its workforce can be quite exhausting, as there may be many hurdles to take care of, with comparatively limited resources. Having a designated “ME” time can play a crucial role in soothing one’s frayed nerves as well as relieving the bones and muscles from their continuous strain. Do anything that appeals to the core – yoga, meditation, gardening, reading, listening to or playing favorite music, or just plain napping. But ensure this time-slot is uninterrupted in one’s everyday routine. Figure out a strategy to save these precious minutes – delegate additional tasks to trusted people. If required, outsource extraneous tasks. An empowered team works at the best of efficiency. Take advantage of that notion and prepare the team mates accordingly.

All the above suggestions are solely around a person’s self. Putting in these efforts and making time for each of them, regularly, may eventually become the most rewarding investment done to help the business, and in long term, the life.

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