Volunteer Insurance

Voluntary Insurance

Voluntary Insurance is completely optional. However, this type of insurance can help with your out of pocket payments and premiums with for-profit and small non-profit organizations that are community based.

A whirlwind of changes to the way health insurance in the United States is purchased and delivered has more Americans focused on cost and coverage than ever before. Suddenly, major medical insurance isn’t just nice-to-have, it’s a requirement, much like Auto and Homeowners Insurance are requirements for those of us who drive cars or own homes.

Health care reform has turned workers’ attention to their personal health care situations. They’re also looking closely at their insurance coverage to identify gaps that might leave them vulnerable to medical expenses they’re ill-equipped to pay. Enter voluntary insurance, a type of coverage that’s not required or mandated, with enrollment that’s completely optional – which is why it’s known as “voluntary.”

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